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Will I have Waiting Periods?

Switching to

If you are switching over to from another health insurance company, we will honour all of the waiting periods that you have already served – so you will not need to wait again!  If your insurance covers something that you didn’t have before you will need to have a waiting period for that specific item.
New to private health insurance or had a gap in cover?

If you are getting health insurance for the first time, you will have to serve waiting periods before some benefits can be paid. Unfortunately this is necessary to protect existing members from covering the cost of those that join the health fund, claim immediately and then quit. If waiting periods weren't in place, premiums would necessarily be much higher.

The waiting periods for our policies are listed below and can be broken up into Hospital cover waiting periods and Extras waiting periods.

Remember that you may not be covered for all services listed. Access your policy guide at the bottom of this article to see what you are covered for.

Hospital Waiting Periods

 Remember that hospital cover applies to in-patient services only!

Extras Waiting Periods

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