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Ambulance cover pays for emergency ambulance transport under every policy we sell!
By emergency ambulance transport we mean that you need immediate attention, and your condition or injury is such that you can’t be transported to hospital by any other way except ambulance. So relax, with us you’re covered.

As each state ambulance service operates differently, below you can see the state by state breakdown for your state of residence:
New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory
If you are a resident of NSW or the ACT, and you have hospital cover with, you are already contributing to the levy which makes you eligible for 100% cover for all ambulance services within the ACT or NSW.
·         Customers on our Extras 50 product with no separate hospital policy are only covered for emergency ambulance transport to hospital.
Northern Territory, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia
You are covered by for emergency ambulance transport to hospital. If you want full ambulance cover you may be able to take out a subscription directly with your relevant ambulance service.
All Queensland residents receive free ambulance cover, both in Queensland and elsewhere in Australia

Ambulance Tasmania provides a free service to Tasmanian residents.
What if I am transported across a border or I am travelling interstate?

There are just too many combinations of possibilities to list, however many states have reciprocal agreements with others (but some don’t!) Suffice to say, that at a minimum, you are covered by us for emergency ambulance transport to hospital.

If you have a specific scenario in mind, contact us and we'll be happy to give you an answer!
What if I have a health care card or receive a pension?

Depending on your state of residence, you may be entitled to discounted or even free ambulance services already. If you receive an ambulance invoice and you have a health care card or receive a pension, please let us know!
To make an ambulance claim, please submit your invoice here


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